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Any medicinal references mentioned on this site are strictly for educational purposes based on my research with my herbalism studies and personal use.

Any statements made here concerning various properties of herbs with your health and well being have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other governing body. 

Hopefully, anything you read on this site will encourage you to do your research.

My mission is to encourage you to live closer to nature, share herbal ideas, and information.

A Look Into The Past...

Naturally Shanice started as a personal journey. I was aware of the power of natural remedies and herbs for some time but hadn't gone too deep into it. A miscarriage actually started it all. I wanted to find a way to balance my body's hormones and promote fertility, naturally. Herbal tea seemed like the perfect way to go.

After months of research and experimenting, I had a blend that I felt good about. I drank it daily, and along with other lifestyle changes, I felt the improvement in my body over time. Eventually, my husband and I were pregnant again. 

(Update: We are proud parents of a baby boy that was born 9/24/20!)

This led me to do more research and create new herbal tea blends, body oils, and more. 

I know that the right blend of natural herbs can nourish the body from the inside out, and I'm happy to be able to share Naturally Shanice with you.


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